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Real Property Disputes

Real Property Disputes

A property-related dispute can have a significant impact on your business, financial well-being, or ability to enjoy your home. Vladi’s experience in all aspects of real property litigation gives her the perspective to help her clients navigate these problems. She acts for and advises buyers, sellers, commercial landlords and tenants, mortgage lenders and borrowers, unitholders in commercial condominiums, and individuals in disputes with their neighbours.

Vladi assists clients who need to enforce their property rights in property line disputes, constructive trust claims, disputes regarding the interpretation or enforcement of commercial leases, and mortgage enforcement proceedings. She acts for parties engaged in joint ventures involving real property who are in disagreements with their business partners regarding the sale of the property or the division of the proceeds of the sale.

Vladi also regularly acts and advises on disputes relating to the services provided by real estate agents and brokers.

Vladi’s work in this area includes:

  • Claims regarding the true ownership of property, including constructive trust claims
  • Disputes over title and property line boundaries, including fences, easements, and rights of way
  • Acting for commercial landlords and tenants with respect to the interpretation and enforcement of leases
  • Proceedings to enforce or challenge mortgages and liens, and disputes regarding the amounts claimed to discharge a secured debt
  • Disputes regarding the purchase and sale of property, including competing claims over the deposit if the deal is terminated, specific performance claims, and defects in the property
  • Claims for trespass, nuisance, and invasions of privacy, including bringing or responding to injunctions related to such claims
  • Private arbitrations to confidentially resolve disputes in property-related joint ventures 
  • Applications for the partition and sale of jointly-owned property
  • Title insurance claims